Proverbs by: Sage Gässbagg

A timid mouse shall perish in the jaws of a ferocious cat unless it is a cartoon mouse, in which case anything is possible.

Subject: Animals

God One placed His other creations on Earth for man and woman to hunt and to eat and to fashion their skins into clothing as protection against the harsh elements to which He has ruthlessly subjected us. (Cannibalism not included where prohibited by law.)

Subject: Animals

A picture shall be valued as ten thousand words unless those words are void of verbs and nouns; In which case it shall be marked up to thirty thousand words; twenty-five thousand, at an absolute minimum, but that's my final offer.

Subject: Discourse

To understand thy parents' love thou must raise children thyself, which is not worth the immense effort; It is better to remain ignorant of thy parents' love.

Subject: Family

The Gods' powers are great. By the force of one God or Another, a body in motion shall continue in motion and a body at rest shall continue at rest unless acted upon by a force external to the body or the governing God.

Subject: Gods' Powers

In times ahead, as God One's human creations disperse over the Earth, there shall come to be a nation that shall be known by the name of Spain. In this country called Spain the rain shall fall mainly in the plain and the people shall rejoice and sing about it.

Subject: Miscellaneous

Brave is the man or woman who walks freely into a den of violent, armed thieves; Brave, but incredibly stupid. God One shall not protect such fools as it would be bad for the gene pool of His creations.

Subject: Miscellaneous

The pious shall prove their piety by donating all of their worldly possessions to the Church of Infinitiaty lest the Gods mistake their selfishness for heresy.

Subject: Piety

One’s pride will bring him or her low, but he or she who is lowly in spirit will obtain honor; Yet, one who is so low in spirit as to be suicidal has bigger problems to worry about.

Subject: Pride

A stone that is in motion shall gather no moss; But a stone that is still might, indeed, gather moss; Neither of which is any consequence whatsoever to any of God One's creations unless they are standing in the path of said rolling stone.

Subject: Science

Men and women foolishly try to be as Gods by attempting to understand all there is to understand about all of the sciences; But this does not make them as Gods because, in truth, the Gods don't understand the difference between astronomy and astrology.

Subject: Science

For all time that life shall exist on Earth, the sky shall surround the planet like an upper atmosphere, unless Earth is flat, in which case the sky shall hover over top of Earth like an upper atmosphere.

Subject: Science

Those who are like thee in thought, appearance and deed are, in truth, like thee. Those who are unlike thee in thought, appearance and deed are, in truth, unlike they; Because they are different, they are not thine equal. Act accordingly.

Subject: Xenophobia

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