Proverbs about: Science

A stitch in time shall save nine when God 387 messes around with the fabric of space-time.

Author: Prophet Fred

A stone that is in motion shall gather no moss; But a stone that is still might, indeed, gather moss; Neither of which is any consequence whatsoever to any of God One's creations unless they are standing in the path of said rolling stone.

Author: Sage Gässbagg

Men and women foolishly try to be as Gods by attempting to understand all there is to understand about all of the sciences; But this does not make them as Gods because, in truth, the Gods don't understand the difference between astronomy and astrology.

Author: Sage Gässbagg

For all time that life shall exist on Earth, the sky shall surround the planet like an upper atmosphere, unless Earth is flat, in which case the sky shall hover over top of Earth like an upper atmosphere.

Author: Sage Gässbagg

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